Harborfield Estates

Project Location: Greenlawn, Town of Huntington, NY
Client: Island Estates Homes, LLC

Harborfield Estates is a clustered 47 lot single-family subdivision situated on 39 acres in the Hamlet of Greenlawn in the Town of Huntington, N.Y. The subdivision is situated in a transitional area between light industrial and office uses to the west and small lot residential development to the east.  The minimum residential lot size is 20,000 sf.  The subdivision includes an internal roadway system, a self-contained stormwater collection and disposal system and individual subsurface sanitary disposal systems. 10 acres of the subdivision has been set aside as passive parkland.

N+P was responsible for the providing the surveying, engineering and design or the preparation of the subdivision mapping, infrastructure design and roadway widening design.  As a result of the property’s long history as a farm, the surface soils were found to have prohibited materials and chemicals in concentrations exceeding the allowable standards of the Town and health department.  N+P provided technical assistance to our environmental affiliate, Nelson Pope Voorhis, in the development of a Soil Management Plan SMP that put forth the required protocols for the handling of soils during earthmoving operations. During construction, N+P provided individual building and health department plot plans, technical assistance, survey layout, as-constructed surveys and final surveys. N+P staff assisted the Client in the procurement of municipal permitting and approvals.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Topographic/Existing Conditions Survey and Mapping
  • Boundary Survey
  • Technical Support for the SEQRA Compliance
  • Preliminary and Final Subdivision Mapping
  • Site Improvement Plans
  • Roadway Improvement and Permitting Plans-Suffolk County Department of Public Works
  • Stormwater, Sediment and Erosion Control Plans
  • Technical Assistance for SMP
  • Building and Health Department Permit Plans
  • Survey Construction Survey Layout
  • As-Constructed Surveys and Plans
  • Individual Lot Final Surveys
  • Technical Assistance During Construction