Owner’s Representation

Effective communication can determine if a project is cost-effective and reflective of the client’s initial vision.  N+P mitigates these risks by incorporating a direct liaison, supporting the construction manager and all involved teams during the design development process. When providing owner’s representation services, N+P steps in to supplement, assist, and advise the client’s internal project staff to the desired level. Once the project evolves to construction, N+P can provide construction administration support and coordinate with the construction manager and/or the general contractor/contractor. N+P will monitor a project’s progress, navigating its advancements to achieve the client’s objective.

General Project Administration

  • Project Entitlement & Design Team assembly
  • Payment requisitions/invoice review
  • Coordination of Entitlement & Design Team project meetings
  • Monitoring the progress of project deliverables

Project Development Phase

  • Development of realistic project goals
  • Coordination of the project schematic &conceptual phases
  • Development of project schedule & budget
  • Coordination with utilities for the Design & Demolition/Removals Phases
  • Risk identification & assessment based on the development goals

Project Entitlement, Design Development
& Approval Phase

  • Monitoring design development
  • Coordination/compilation or approval documents
  • Monitoring the process of project applications & permitting for project approvals
  • Coordination of Client/Tenant-direct vendor procurement & consultants during design development across project team

Bidding & Award Phases

  • Coordination of bidding & award process
  • Coordination of pre-bid meeting
  • Vetting of bidders
  • Bid review & leveling
  • Coordination of bidder requests for clarifications, team responses & addenda
  • Follow up with Construction Manager/General Contractor on procurement & review of contractor insurances & bonding
  • Review value engineering options for the ownership based on bids

Construction Phase

  • Facilitation of preconstruction meeting
  • Facilitation of construction project meetings
  • Monitoring of material procurement & construction progress schedule
  • Monitoring of contractor’s Request of Information (RFI’s) & shop drawing submittals & review
  • Coordination of the review of contractor Change Order requests & payment requisitions
  • Monitoring of punch list items
  • Monitoring & compilation of as-constructed documents & agency

Project Close Out

  • Coordination of project close out documentation
  • Compilation of required deliverables & product warranties including operation & maintenance documents/ manuals
  • Project Review/Finalization of Team & contactor payments upon project completion
  • Finalization & summary of project costs
  • Facilitate final walkthrough of completed construction with Client

Mitigating Risk Through Skilled Coordination.


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