Bristal Assisted Living, Farmingville

Project Location: Farmingville, Town of Brookhaven, NY
Client: The Engel Burman Group

The Bristal Assisted Living is a 4-story 146-bed assisted living facility located in Farmingville, Town of Brookhaven.  The 6-acre parcel is located along the Long Island Expressway (I495) Service Road opposite the LIE on ramp. The project contains 88 parking stalls, resident patio and area, and resident walk.  The facility includes the collection and on-site disposal of stormwater, a sanitary collection system, sanitary treatment plant and appurtenances.  The facility is located within a larger multiuse development that includes a hotel, nursing and rehabilitation facility and commercial uses.

Nelson + Pope’s involvement commenced with the preparation of the boundary and existing conditions survey, ZBA site plan and supporting documentation for the Town’s approval for height, buffer and setback variance.  The project location in the vicinity of intersection of the Service Road and a Suffolk County roadway and across from the LIE on ramp, a traffic modelling and impact study was prepared.    Services also included the engineering, design and preparation of plans for the project’s site improvements and infrastructure, New York State Department of Transportation Highway Work Permit, sanitary collection system, pump station and force main and the sewage treatment plant.  During construction, N+P provided construction technical assistance; periodic site construction observation, documentation and completed facility certifications; construction and as-constructed surveying. N+P staff assisted the Client in the procurement of municipal permitting and approvals.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Topographic/Existing Conditions Survey and Mapping
  • Boundary Survey
  • Zoning Board of Appeals Site Plan
  • Environmental Assessment Form (EAF)
  • Traffic Impact Modelling and Study
  • Site Improvement and Infrastructure Design
  • Stormwater, Sediment and Erosion Control Design
  • NYSDOT Highway Work Permit Plans
  • Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plans
  • Stormwater, Sediment and Erosion Control Design
  • Water Service and Backflow Prevention Design
  • Sewage Collection System, Pump Station, Force Main Design and Specifications
  • Construction Survey Layout and As-Constructed Surveys
  • Technical Assistance and Construction Observations During Construction