From a single intersection traffic study and improvement plan to long-range planning for transit-oriented developments to the design of multi-million-dollar roadway infrastructure projects, N+P is a recognized innovator in transportation, providing expertise for roadways and highways in the New York Metropolitan area. As land development continues and growth intensifies, traffic congestion, as well as increased wear and tear on aging infrastructure, becomes a primary focus of many local and state agencies.

The firm’s staff of trained experts, at a time of limited government funding, are developing cost efficient designs while meeting the goals of the project. A systematic approach is taken for all projects to resolve tough obstacles during the design process by utilizing the latest design guidelines and having high regard for safety of both motorists and pedestrians. In addition, our transportation department has a broad team of field personnel, many of which are NICET certified, and office personnel to provide construction services that can assist the owner with contract compliance. N+P’s extensive experience and knowledge with the required standards, specifications, policies, general design and operational philosophies allow the firm to undertake projects in several categories.

Services offered include:

  • Highway and Roadway Design
  • Transportation Planning
  • Intersection Design
  • Downtown/Main Street Beautification
  • Roundabout Design
  • Pavement Markings & Signage Design
  • Pavement Design
  • Stormwater Management
  • Drainage Studies & Design
  • Pavement Evaluation & Design
  • Area/Corridor Studies & Modeling
  • Street Lighting Design
  • Traffic Impact Studies & Modeling
  • Traffic Signal Studies & Design
  • Red Light Camera Design
  • Traffic Calming Studies & Design
  • Traffic Control Devices Design
  • Work Zone Traffic Control Plans
  • Parking Studies
  • Construction Services
  • Permitting and Regulatory Approvals
  • Grant Funding Resource Research & Grant Applications
  • Expert Testimony

Developing Roads of Success

Motorist and pedestrian safety are critical when considering a new road or improving an old.
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