Concern Housing Liberty Station
Independent Living Community

Project Location: Port Jefferson Station, NY
Client: Client: Concern for Independent Living | Belfor Property Restoration

Concern Housing Liberty Station is a rental independent living community open for residents as of September 2021. Consisting of six, two-story buildings the community provides 77 affordable housing units, 45 of which for formally homeless veterans. Amenities include private parking lots, a fitness center, library and community room, and outdoor garden spaces.

Nelson + Pope and our environmental affiliate Nelson Pope Voorhis played a large role throughout all phases of the project’s development. N+P teams conducted boundary and topographic surveys, and provided civil and site engineering services including grading, drainage and utility design as conceptual planning and the development’s layout was developed. N+P’s sanitary department contributed design for the site’s sewage pump station, force main and water distribution systems, as well as any permitting and approvals necessary through Suffolk County Departments of Health and Public Works and the Suffolk County Water Authority. Following a traffic impact study developed by the N+P team, NYSDOT highway work permit plans were developed for the design of traffic signals for the new community. Additional services provided prior to construction included earthwork analyses, retaining wall design, and due diligence assistance.

For the environmental components of the project, NPV provided phase I and II site assessments and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) development. Additionally, the NPV team assisted with approval through NYS Homes and Community Renewal.

During the construction phases of the project, N+P and NPV provided construction observation, SWPPP inspections and additional surveying services, including construction surveying and layout and as-built surveys.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Boundary and Topographic surveying
  • Due diligence assistance
  • Conceptual planning and layouts
  • Civil and site engineering services including grading, drainage and utility design
  • Sewage collection and water distribution systems
  • Sewage pump station and force main design and permitting
  • NYSDOT highway work permit plans including new traffic signal design
  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Earthwork analysis
  • Retaining walls
  • Stormwater pollution prevention plan with NPV
  • SCDHS and SCDPW approvals for sewer and water
  • Assistance with Suffolk County Sewer Agency approvals
  • Town of Brookhaven site plan approval
  • Town Fire Marshal permits
  • Suffolk County Water Authority permits
  • Construction related services including observations of construction
  • Certifications of constructed works for SCDHS and SCDPW
  • SWPPP inspections
  • Construction surveying and layout services
  • As-built surveys