Old Country Road
Traffic Signals

Project Location: Old Country Road from Apex Lane to Round Swamp Rd
Client: Nassau County Department of Public Works

Nassau County Department of Public Works retained N+P to identify and prepare plans for the replacement of existing traffic signal control equipment along with the installation of fiber optic communication equipment to connect to the County’s existing communication infrastructure.  This re-design and construction of these traffic signals allowed the County to replace outdated equipment with state-of-the-art equipment in order to improve safety, maximize roadway capacity, and minimize delays on Old Country Road.  In addition, this project incorporated the relocation of existing Traffic Incident Management surveillance cameras and installation of roadway speed detection equipment.  A total of 35 signals were included in this project.  This project was designed in accordance with the New York State Department of Transportation and the Procedures for Locally Federal Aid Projects Manual.

N+P surveyed, evaluated, and summarized existing traffic signal equipment for thirty-five (35) signals along Old Country Road from Hicksville to Plainview.  Base mapping was prepared for all signal identifying curb lines, sidewalks, driveways, approximate roadway right-of-way, existing Nassau County traffic equipment, relevant utility information, and related equipment.

Advanced Detail Plans and Final Plans were prepared showing work zone traffic control, design details, Communication and System Block Diagrams, Fiber Optic Allocation Tables and Splice Plans, Traffic Signal Details drawings, traffic signal drawings; equipment removal drawings; interconnect drawings (including roadway speed data collection and incident management camera locations); and cabinet wiring diagrams.   A traffic signal improvement plan, a traffic signal equipment removal plan, and a micro-computer operation and signal wiring plan was produced for those locations requiring full reconstruction of the traffic signal.  All plans included the traffic signal display, head layout and a sequence of operations.

The plans were prepared in accordance with current New York Department of Transportation standards and specifications and ADP and Final estimates were prepared using historical unit bid prices.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Topographic Survey and Mapping
  • Project Site Investigation
  • Locally Federal Aid Projects Manual
  • Traffic Signal and Interconnect Design
  • Preliminary and Final Plans, Specifications, and Estimate