William Street Roadway and
Stormwater Improvements

Project Location: William and Waverly Street Area, Glenwood Landing
Client: Town of Oyster Bay

The roadways around Waverly Street and William Street are residential streets located in the Hamlet of Glen Head in the Town of Oyster Bay.  These roadways were lacking sufficient drainage and are currently experiencing flooding due to the steep grades, sending large amounts of stormwater quickly to the low points.

N+P, under the direction of the Town of Oyster Bay, prepared a Study evaluating the roadways and drainage systems including a drainage inventory and analysis and an assessment of the pavement.  The Study identified deficiencies in the existing drainage system and noted the existing drainage structures have surpassed their operating life and are in need of replacement.  The Study also found the pavement to be in poor condition and identified the need for total reconstruction.  The study recommended replacement of existing drainage structures with leaching basins and full depth mixed-in place asphalt replacement.

With approval form the Town, N+P prepared construction documents which included a topographic survey of the existing conditions and preparation of proposed construction drawings and construction cost estimates for the  Preliminary Design, Advanced Detail Design, and Final Design for the 6” Mixed-In-Place base course with a 3” asphalt overlay, minor adjustments to the roadway profiles to eliminate ponding, minor driveway and driveway apron repairs, cleaning of the existing drainage system, installation of precast concrete manholes and approximately 28 ten-foot leaching basins, and installation of 15” drainage pipe.

N+P prepared a Bid Package, assisted the Town in the Bid and Award of the project, and made recommendations for Award.  Once Awarded, N+P provided full-time Construction Support and Construction Inspection of the Contractor.  During construction, N+P responded to numerous complaints from local residents and assisted the Contractor in an extension of time caused by National Grid’s installation of a gas main within the project limits.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Topographic Survey and Mapping
  • Pavement Evaluation
  • Pavement Cores
  • Drainage Condition Survey
  • Drainage and Pavement Design Report
  • Soil Borings
  • Utility Coordination
  • Preliminary and Final Design
  • Construction Plans, Specifications and Estimate
  • Construction Costs Estimates
  • Construction Support Services
  • Full-Time Construction Inspection