Highway Work Permits (NYSDOT/SCDPW/NCDPW)

Project Location: Various
Client: Multiple

N+P receives numerous requests from private developers and private homeowners to develop plans and estimates for renovations/reconstruction/new construction of privately-owned sites for Highway Work Permits.  Typically, a Highway Work permit is required when a development is constructing a new entrance onto a municipally owned roadway. Work varies depending on the scope and magnitude of the development and could include a simple curb cut for ingress and egress to the property, acceleration and deceleration lanes into and out of a site, to reconstruction of a traffic signal and also may include a traffic study and capacity analysis. N+P also prepares Utility Highway Work Permit for the installation of utilities within the municipalities right-of-way.

Typically, the project begins with a survey of the property including topography and development of base plans. N+P prepares the Highway Work Permit Plans for the improvements to the infrastructure including a work zone traffic control, construction details, construction plans, traffic control and sign modifications, and a construction estimate.  A completed package is prepared and sent to the municipality for review and after a comment/response period, the permit is issued, and the construction can begin.

N+P also provides the necessary assistance to the permittee for filing of NYSDOT, SCDPW and NCDPW Highway Work Permit Application, surety bonds, certificate of insurance and fees.

During construction, N&P may provide construction inspection and oversight of the contractor.  When the contractor has completed the work, N&P closes out the contract and assists the client in the procurement of the municipality’s approval and permit sign out.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Topographic/Existing Conditions Survey and Mapping
  • Traffic Impact Modelling and Study
  • New York State Department of Transportation Standards and Specifications
  • Highway Work Permit Plans
  • NCDPW 239f Process
  • Work Zone Traffic Control Plans (WZTC)
  • Technical Assistance and Construction Observations During Construction