LED Street Lighting Conversion

Project Location: Various
Client: Multiple

N+P has been hired by the Towns of Brookhaven and Babylon and the Village of Amityville  to provide them with inventory and mapping of their existing streetlighting infrastructure; a GIS audit for converting to LED lighting fixtures, development of specifications for procurement of fixtures and labor costs, and installation and construction services.

The GIS audit included a complete inventory of the municipality’s existing street lighting including location (northing and easting coordinates), ID number, existing fixture type/wattage, pole type, and wire location.  N+P reviewed the municipal’s current PSE&G bills to determine total costs per month and year and prepared a comparison for the installation of new LED street lights, providing a simple payback analysis that detailed the savings in power and cost and the payback period for the installation of new LED light fixtures.

N+P prepared specifications for the new LED light fixtures and the breakdown for the purchase of new fixtures and parts. N+P performed a Bid Analysis for the lighting fixtures based on N+P research and the municipal’s requirements that provided a simple payback analysis to assist with determination of the low bidder.

Design Plans was prepared for the replacement of the existing light fixtures with the proposed LED fixtures.  The proposed streetlight fixture correlated to the GIS audit spreadsheet that provided the necessary information for the Contractor to install the correct LED fixture.

N+P assisted the municipality during the Award process by preparing the project’s Bid Package, responding to Bidders requests, attending the Pre-Bid Meeting, review and analysis of Bids, and recommendation of Award.  During construction, N+P provided daily construction inspection and monitor of the work performed by the contractor to ensure conformance with contract documents, reviewed and approved shop drawings and Contractor’s payment requests, and prepared “Punch List” items of work to be completed, and contract close-out.

At the completion of construction, N+P worked with PSEG & the municipality to update the PSEG data base and ensure future invoices depict the new LED fixtures and the cost savings.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Inventory of Existing Streetlights
  • GIS Audit
  • Preparation of Construction Specification
  • Preparation of Design Plans
  • Construction Support Services
  • Construction Inspection