West Islip Long-Term Pump Station Generators

Project Location: West Islip, NY
Client: Town of Islip

Nelson + Pope was selected to prepare plans for generators to provide emergency power to stormwater pump stations at two locations in West Islip. The project was funded by a grant from the New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery with the Town of Islip as the recipient. The grant-funded flood mitigation, and storm resiliency and hardening projects. The two sites selected by the Town are in low-lying residential areas that are prone to flooding. Each site has a previously existing stormwater pump station, but all power and controls equipment are located within the flood plain. Additionally, there is no emergency power to operate the pump stations during power outages that are frequently experienced in the area, particularly during storm events.

N+P’s design goals were to provide a storm resilient generator at each site, and to locate the generator, power and controls equipment above the 500-year flood elevation. In consideration of the location of each pump station immediately adjacent to residential properties, aesthetics and noise issues were of particular concern. N+P’s design placed the equipment on a timber platform featuring a shiplap sided wall to support electrical panels and conceal the generator from public view, aluminum deck railing, pvc fencing, lattice, and plantings, all to create a residential feel to the installation. The generator was selected and specified with an aluminum sound attenuating enclosure with a noise rating less than a typical residential air conditioning condensing unit.

N+P provided Bid Phase, and Construction Administration and Inspection services for the project.


Relevant Project Components:

  • Generator
  • Marine Pilings and Boat Lift
  • Flood Proofing
  • Permitting
  • Construction Administration