Smith Haven Mall Lifestyle Village

Project Location: Suffolk County, New York
Client: The Simon Property Group

On this multi building construction project, Nelson + Pope performed construction layout for all site work and buildings for the Smith Haven Mall Lifestyle Village which includes Dicks, California Pizza Kitchen, Barnes and Nobles, Cheesecake factory and other outlying stores. All site construction layout services included water services drainage, sewer, curb, site- lighting and other misc. features. Building footings and foundations were laid out and steel construction layout followed. “Field fitting” existing columns to new construction was a task that required some accurate measurements for the Architect so that the mall could be extended seamlessly. During construction, utilities were located as they went in so that when a final plan was required, all underground utilities were accurately located and shown on the plans. Maps were subsequently submitted to the Towns for C of O’s and the Suffolk county health department for sewer hookup. When all was complete an ALTA/NSPS survey was performed for refinancing purposes.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Construction layout services
  • Property Line Investigation
  • ALTA/NSPS survey
  • Topographic Survey and Mapping
  • As Building utilities