New Ambulatory Surgery Center

Project Location: Massapequa, New York
Client: Heart & Health Medical Ambulatory Surgery Center

N+P provided architecture and interior design for a new AAAASF-certified outpatient ambulatory surgery center specializing vascular surgery and hyperbaric treatment. Designed to meet with the most stringent health care regulations imposed by the Article-28 standards of the New York State Department of Health, this interior gut alteration provided two operatories, clinical exam rooms, blood lab and two hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers. N+P drew on its knowledge of the FGI Design Guidelines of Health Care Facilities to design a space that was clinically efficient and health care compliant. The interior design was inspired by a clean yet modern aesthetic. Seamless sheet vinyl flooring and surfaces that were washable with anti-static light fixtures aided in the infection control measures that were important to maintain.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Architecture
  • Schematic Design
  • Interior Design
  • Preliminary & Final Design
  • Construction Plans & Specifications
  • Bid Phase Services
  • Construction Oversight