Riverside Brownfield Opportunity Area
Sanitary Services

Project Location: Town of Southampton, NY
Client: Town of Southampton

The Riverside BOA study area has been documented as the most economically distressed communities on Long Island. With the goal of improving the economic and housing opportunities in the area, the Town of Southampton entered into an agreement with a Master Developer to prepare the Riverside Revitalization Action Plan (RRAP) to revitalize the Hamlet of Riverside.  The Overlay zone, encompassing 468 acres, would encourage a mix of retail stores, service-related businesses, restaurants, diverse housing options, along with improved transportation infrastructure with pedestrian pathways, public green spaces and access to the Peconic River.

Nelson + Pope prepared a comprehensive sewer feasibility report to demonstrate the viability of sewers to Renaissance Downtowns, LLC for a new sewage treatment plant to service the Riverside BOA.  The objective of the Feasibility Study is to define the most efficient method of sewage disposal for the redevelopment of the Riverside BOA area with approximately 3.2 million square feet of mixed use residential, commercial, and institutional uses.

It was Renaissance’s desire to construct a new STP facility to accommodate the Riverside BOA development. The proposed development concepts were vetted out to obtain the proper size of the facility first.  The development of a sewage treatment program that fits the needs of the long-term development of the STP was critical to Renaissance as the disposal of sewage was paramount to the Riverside BOA.

The treatment plant design contemplated all available processes (Membrane Bioreactors, Sequencing Batch Reactors, Upflow Sludge Blanket technologies, et. al) from the operational as well as from the financial standpoint.  The primary objective of the design was to provide a system that will meet or exceed the useful life while considering the capital cost of the equipment.  A secondary objective in the development was to contemplate a system or systems that will grow with the phased development of the BOA.

With a phased approach of development required, we considered the use of small-scale innovative technologies to augment the conventional sewage disposal options.  Additionally, the concept of developing a temporary innovative treatment system of constructed wetlands were integrated into the development area.

With a wide variety of process manufacturers, all technological options were vetted out to assure that Renaissance received the best equipment both from an operational and pricing standpoint as well as assuring that the warranty provided a wide degree of latitude to Renaissance in covering operational difficulties.

Relevant Project Components:

  • Topographic & Existing Condition Survey
  • Design Report
  • Cost Estimate