Roadway Permit Inspection

Project Location: Various Locations
Client: Multiple Clients

N+P performs construction inspection for NYSDOT, SCDPW and NCDPW Highway Work Permits for both private developers and municipalities. These inspection services are typically required by the governing agency for construction activities with-in their right-of-way.  The work may include the inspection of utility installations, traffic signals, new site accesses, ADA compliant ramps, curb and sidewalk and drainage.

The Resident Engineer (Inspector) is assigned for field observation during periods of active construction in the agencies’ right-of-way.  The Resident Engineer/Inspector ensures that all materials and methods of construction conform to the drawings and with standard practices of the governing Department.   In addition, the Resident Engineer (Inspector) will perform the following duties:

  • Maintain daily records in accordance with the latest edition of the NYSDOT Manual of Uniform Record Keeping (MURK).
  • Obtain all necessary material samples and arrange for all necessary material tests in accordance with the Department’s Materials methods.
  • Ensure compliance with all aspects of the work zone traffic control provisions shown on the plans.

Office personnel assist in such related procedures such as reviewing and maintaining Inspector’s Daily Reports and records, shop drawing review and processing of the Contractor’s claims for payment.  Appropriate personnel attend pre-construction meetings and periodic project meetings with the Contractor, utility companies, NYSDOT, the Town or other involved parties as necessary to coordinate project activities.  Minutes of meetings are recorded and distributed to all attending and concerned parties as required.

N+P has provided these services for PSEG, Canal Boathouses, Canoe Place Inn, Preston House, Willowood, Parrish Art Museum, Vineyards Bluepoint, Kensington Estates, Concern Middle Island, Bristal Estates, Hampton Club Eastport, Bank of Smithtown

Relevant Project Components:

  • Utility Coordination
  • Construction Support Services
  • Full-Time Construction Inspection