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Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater projects on Long Island have unique challenges to overcome. All of Long Island’s water supply comes from underground water reserves held in aquifers. Public concern to preserve the quality of the groundwater has become the single most important factor limiting the region’s growth. While the majority of Nassau County is connected to public sewers most of Suffolk County is not. The adoption of Article 6 of the Suffolk County Sanitary Code in 1981 established density and sewage facility requirements for residential and non-residential realty subdivisions and developments for the purpose of regulating nitrogen levels in groundwater. Nelson & Pope’s knowledge and experience with the regulations governing water and wastewater projects on Long Island are unequaled.
We offer the following water and wastewater services:

• Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies
• Wastewater Collection, Disposal and Treatment Alternatives
• Wastewater Collection and Disposal System Design
• Kitchen Waste and Grease Trap Design
• Wastewater Pump Station and Force Main Design
• Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
• Low Pressure Sewer System Design
• Wastewater Disposal in Pine Barrens Analysis
• Odor Control Design
• Water Distribution System and Fire Flow Analysis, Modeling and Design
• Water Service Design

• Hydrant Flow and Pressure Tests
• Water Supply Well Design
• Backflow Prevention Device Design
• Swimming Pool Design
• Chemical and Fuel Storage Facility Design
• Air Quality Discharge Permitting
• Suffolk County Department of Health Services Board of Review Applications
• Suffolk County Department of Health Services Transfer of Development Rights Applications
• Suffolk County Sewer Agency Applications
• Permitting and Regulatory Approvals

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